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Industrial Espionage

For the enterprise development and strategy information is the most important equipment for each enterprise. However not all enterprises are limited excluding auf die legal procurement of information about new developments and market strategies of their competitors, but crossed also the border rights. The competition espionage strengthened so also an instrument of private enterprises and Institutionen. Endangered are all innovative enterprises, from the multinational company to the innovative small engineer's office.

Is not conscious of many enterprises and managers yet, which are already them a goal of the competition espionage. Only few cases of the operating espionage become at all admit, although the spying out of technical know-how, new developments, spying out of customer data, prices and conditions (advertisements) is pervasive or leading coworkers.

This takes place both via use of internal sources (e.g. dissatisfied coworkers) and in the case of the german company "Bombadier", or the employment of technical means such as hearing measures or attacks on the IT- net of the enterprise, e.g. by employment of net analysis Tools. The most spectacular case of the last years became 2005 from Israel admits, with which by the employment of "Trojan horses" a multiplicity of enterprises in Israel were not only spied.

In addition, the professional attack on an enterprise by penetration from the outside is still usual practice. To arrive under utilization of outside firms e.g. with maintenance work or also cleaning of forces tried to internal documents of the enterprise concerned. Often these become already during the evaluation of the domestic refuse with the temporary storage up to the collection/destruction fuendig.

Prevention prevents damage and costs, therefore the principle for the informations protection represent a substantial aspect of the enterprise protection.

We advise you gladly in questions of the Corporate Intelligence by purposeful search actions, for the counter-espionage and outside as well as internal operational security by a comprehensive risk and weakpoint analysis